What is the meaning of life?

Know it from Tim Minchin.

Watch the video and share what you think on Tim’s ideas about life and success.


13 thoughts on “RETHINK: Meaning of Life (PARTICIPATION )

  1. I like how he makes really good life lessons while he is speaking to his audience, while also using humor to get the audience to understand the points that he is making. I like how he talk a lot about the lessons of life that some of us take for granted each day.


    1. I like his humor too. Life lessons are taken for granted so much these days; it’s good to hear a guy like this talk about them.


  2. I believe there is meaning to life. Meaning in life is what makes a person happy and successful. This guy is cool: his humor helps get his points across and he talks about important life lessons that are often taken for granted. So many things are taken for granted everyday: it’s good to hear someone that makes you realize importance and value in life.


    1. I agree with you, Emily, when you say:

      “Meaning in life is what makes a person happy and successful.”

      And I agree that his humor is very effective in delivering his points to the audience. People need good breaks of humor to stomach big reality doses; a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!


  3. The guy has a good sense of humor that kept his speech very interesting. His life lessons were valuable and a reality check as we continue our education and continue to our individual lives.


    1. I agree with you Esmeralda! He kept my attention the entire time by having a good sense of humor. His sense of humor also made it clear to me that he lived a very happy life with great intention and with one of the best outlook on life that Ive heard.


  4. I think the meaning of life is what you make of it. What you teach to generations following you is what matters most; though I can be honest in saying I’m not sure why in the grand scheme. To further global progress? For what purpose? I’m not even sure about my own education right now, so I don’t know what the meaning to “life” is because I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of my life. I felt comforted when he said I don’t have to figure it out “right now,” but I’m still putting lots of effort into it (thus the entire reason why I’m here at WSU). I think his accomplishments are outstanding, but I’m wondering what differences my accomplishments will make in the future, or if they even matter at all. Lots of soul-searching to do with growing up!


  5. I am an extremely big fan of how straight forward and how Tim Minchin out look on life is. He makes solid points on the what life means to him and how he thinks that a lot of the time success is about luck. He says that being born in the a wealthy family and being good at something while someone else is horrible at. Its unfair but its how life works. I completely agree with his view on success with luck but I definitely don’t think it is in any way the only way to have success. I feel that success relies on how hard someone works to get to where they want to be in life and luck always help, like being born into a rich family only helps to a certain extent.


  6. After watching this speech it really has inspired me to rethink life in a whole. I like how he said don’t get caught up in a long term dream and succeed in the few goals you have set in front of you. Also, the metaphors kept the speech fun, upbeat and still inspiring.


  7. I don’t believe that there is one sole meaning of life. I don’t think that one should focus on what their meaning of life is, because you might not ever find one. I think it is important to identify what is meaningful to you. If you focus on what your meaning of life is, you will miss out on life. I believe in taking things as you go. I try my best to focus on experiencing as much as I possibly can, in order to expand my knowledge and outlook on life. I very much enjoyed his speech and rules about life, I thought they were very clearly delivered and definitely universal.

    I have a question following up to Emily’s comment, what determines whether a person is successful? What is success?


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