Race: Power of an Illusion ( Watch. No comments required)

In our classes, we couldn’t watch all episodes in full. So, find them below, watch them, and share them with friends, if you want to. Making comments on this post is optional. But Scroll further to find your Week 2 blog post. You are required to comment on that post.

1) Episode 1: The Difference Between US


2) Episode 2: The Story We Tell

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


3) Episode 3: The House We Live In



2 thoughts on “Race: Power of an Illusion ( Watch. No comments required)

    1. We are different, however those differences do not have to (unless you willingly agree to or accept them) define us. Do you truly believe humans are more different than we are similar? Look in the mirror and then at an image of human anatomy. I would say our similarities outweigh are differences tenfold, at least. Everyone has differences, that is part of humanity. We are simply too complex (and tbh as species we are all mongrels because our ancestors interbred continually a constant in the human story) to be limited to narrow concepts like ‘race’.

      We have been mind controlled, especially in the US, to believe in a false constuct and it still controls us today. Race was designed to divide us, by pitting groups against eachother by ascribing certain attributes to one particular ‘race’, thus making it less desirable to be members of the ‘inferior races’ and creating ‘racism’. They built laws and policies around these ideas. Unfortunately, we have inherited these toxic notions and people remain to be so very divided and are so easily conquered…


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