What would you do? Father Disapproves of Daughter’s Black Boyfriend (Comments Optional)

In chapter 2, ZINN, we read about why slave-owners made marriage between whites and blacks illegal. It is also interesting to know about cancellation of those anti-miscegenation laws, especially which states in USA cancelled them and when. Read an article about it here:


Now we know that
(a) interracial-marriage once pretty common was later made illegal through laws.
(b) Also, different states, as you read in the article (click link above to read it) , eventually legalized interracial marriages.

But so often we find that laws don’t change our mindsets overnight. One example would be the film below.

Now think about the question below:

How our understanding of race and racial affiliation affect our choice about our partners: friends, boyfriends/ girlfriends, spouses, etc.?

Also, check how some students respond to similar questions:


2 thoughts on “What would you do? Father Disapproves of Daughter’s Black Boyfriend (Comments Optional)

  1. I honestly feel that Washington in general is very diverse when it comes to couples. I’m sure there are plenty of people who share the same views as the elderly people in the diner but, I tend to see more interracial couples here then the other states i have been to. i personally, don’t see any difference between a white person dating a black person or a black person dating with their race. I have been taught at a young age that love comes in all shape, sizes, and color. I also think i my views on interracial couples are normal because, I myself is multicultural. Again, i am not saying there is not prejudice people in Washington that are against different race couples, I am solely speaking on my behalf.

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  2. I would be amazed seeing this in person. When the boyfriend showed up in front of the old woman, I’m sure she felt stupid and terrible. As for my Grandparents, they would act just like her because, back then, that is how they were raised. They know nothing different. It is sad to see people think this way about interracial dating..


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