Chapter 2 BS: Questions

In our Tuesday class (9/23) we will have discussion + Q & A
with questions like the following ones:

  1. “Rather than arguing about whether the significance of race has declined, increased, or not changed at all, the issue at hand is assessing if a transformation has occurred in the racial structure of the United States “(26). What transformed racial structure BS is talking about?
  2. What are the elements of new racial structure (26)?
  3. What are the four fields of racial structure (27)?
  4. Can you give examples of resurgence of Jim Crow racism (27)?
  5. Explain and exemplify racial structure in Jim Crow Racism (27-29).
  6. Comment on the contradiction between black soldiers fighting for freedom abroad and lacking it at home [29].
  7. Why did great migration (1910-1970) happen (30)?
  8. Explain: “neither urbanization nor industrialization was nonracial rational progressive forces in themselves” (30).
  9. What is progressive accommodation for Blacks? How is it racist? Does it still exist? [30-31]

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