Study Questions BS Chapter 4

study questions

Read chapter 4. There’s no alternative. Before checking slide for chapter 4 (scroll to find), it is important to read the chapter yourself.
So, navigate to all key arguments and details using the following questions:

  1. What is ideology? What is racial ideology? [101, also chapter 1]
  2. What is the style of racial ideology? [102]
  3. Why did the style of racial ideology get changed after Civil Rights era? [102]
  4. Is BS saying whites are racist? When can one be racist? [102]
  5. How to understand that the problem of race is the problem of power and ideology? [102]
  6. How do whites talk about minorities in public? [103]
  7. Why didn’t old whites learn new style of racial ideology? [103]
  8. What is the sandwich style of post-civil rights ideology? [105]
  9. What are safe disclaimers? [105]
  10. I liked the interview at page 106 and I can tell why. Which one is your favorite? [106]
  11. Make a list of all semantic moves used to perform colorblindness. [106]
  12. What’s so problematic about Brian’s statement? [107]
  13. What’s so problematic about Liz’s statement? Does “quick reversal” help her? [107]
  14. How would you evaluate Emily’s stance on affirmative action? [108]
  15. How would you evaluate Mark’s stance on affirmative action? Is it “time-space-race-self” dilemma he is confronting? [109]
  16. How would you evaluate Brian’s stance of affirmative action? [109]
  17. What’s so problematic about Sandra’s stance on affirmative action? Is affirmative action as simple as giving one job over another or an attempt for redress? [110]
  18. How would you make Ray and Sonny understand that segregated neighborhoods, schools, and friendship networks are NOT nonracial outcomes but products of racialized history and racialized life? [111]
  19. What’s so problematic about “anything but race” style? [111]
  20. Would you agree with Marge on her stance about interracial marriage? Why/why not? [111]
  21. What is “projection”? Is it like blaming victims? [111]
  22. Would you agree with Janet on her view of interracial question? Is she projecting selfishness onto people who intermarry? Is she having “time-space-race-self” dilemma? [112]
  23. How does BS deconstruct Rachel’s concern that blacks would feel terrible about affirmative action as it would inferiorize them? [113]
  24. Would you agree with Ann’s view that blacks are more prejudiced against whites than whites are against blacks? Whose set of prejudice/stereotype determine blacks’ life chances? [113]
  25. Would you agree with Francine’s view that blacks see police and criminal justice system differently because of blacks’ prejudice against both? [113]
  26. What do you think of Pat’s allegation that blacks separate themselves and take specials in a program that is on blacks’ behalf to deal with effects of discrimination? [113]
  27. What’s so wrong about the statement: “Minorities are the problems, whites are not”? [114]
  28. What do you think of Andy’s concern that interracial marriage makes life a little more difficult? [114]
  29. Would you agree with Rita’s view that blacks are a little more aggressive and high tempered? [115]
  30. Do you have any explanation why Ray is more attracted to white girls than black girls? [116]
  31. Do you think minorities self-segregate? [117]
  32. What’s wrong with Dorothy’s statement that “they’re just as humans as we are”? [117]
  33. Why do younger and educated people use more resources of post-civil rights racial style than older and less educated people? [119]

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