White Privilege: white-guilt or white solidarity? (Read. We will discuss in class)

In week 7, we are continuing conversations about white privilege until chapter 7 takes a new turn to white progressives. Historically, white allies have been very important part of cross-racial efforts to end discrimination.

(a) White allies have been contributing to end discrimination. Watch a short clip:

(b) Even in 2014, we see many events where cross-racial coalition that goes beyond the racial divide and works for social justice.

Watch a video about Moral Monday Movement.

It is true that issue based cross-racial affiliation and also anti-racist cross-racial affiliation is part of the US history though very few people know about it. Watch how Time Wise connects Moral Monday Movement with anti-racist movement and the contribution of white allies:


(c) However, often issue-based cross-racial coalitions fall apart due to deliberate exploitation of racial tensions as Time says (2:12)

(d) Contrary to solidarity to end discrimination, the initial  response–to any race based discrimination–from white folks has been guilt, anger, denial,etc.

Read an  articles about it:



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