write paper

Paper: You will write one paper. It should fill five pages and discuss an issue raised by our course materials. It will require that you consult one outside source, an article in a scholarly journal.  You will submit an annotated bibliography, one page identifying and evaluating your source.  Your grade on the paper will be based on your writing and persuasiveness.  It will count as 35 percent of your course grade, and your annotated bibliography will count as 10 percent.

Midterm: Reflection note for week 7 is considered your midterm. See syllabus for details.

Format for written assignments: In-class writing should be done legibly in ink.  Out-of-class graded assignments should have a title and be prepared in twelve-point standard font, preferably Times New Roman, double-spaced with standard margins. If you do not know the standards for formatting formal manuscripts, find it here:


Papers that do not comply with the standards will suffer reduced grades. You must also remain consistent with your chosen style.


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