Introduction and Course Description

  • The course introduces to the interconnections between the historical, social, political, economic, and cultural frameworks that create, foster, and resurrect both the overt and covert forms of domination and social hierarchies that constitute and manage race, ethnicity, racial relations and ideologies in a supposedly post-racial American culture.

  • To understand racial differences and racial inequalities embedded within the institutional and everyday aspects of life, this course examine how social hierarchies frame access to political power, (mis)manages life chances, allocate economic resources, and influence cultural expressions.


  • It critically examines the common assumptions, values, beliefs, stereotypes, etc. which are often learnt, encouraged, and promoted in the society to shape the prevalent racial ideologies interlaced with the vectors of race, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. 

This course has five different objectives. 

  1. The course develops a historical understanding of the creation of “difference” across categories of race, social class, sex/gender, sexual orientation, and disability. 
  2.  It tries to locate the management of differences, especially how the act of categorization itself is grounded in a desire to discipline in and through the mechanism of power.

  3. It tries to enable students to see how being “different” affect people’s lives in contemporary American culture and also how the fiction called race is turned into social reality in everyday practices at the expense of benefits for some, disadvantages for others. 
  4. Fourth, it develops students’ communicative skills and critical thinking so that they can sensibly engage their discussions to create a learning environment for themselves and for others. 
  5. Finally, it provides students with an incitement to think that racism is a complicated process of material and social conditioning, rather than an aberration of individuals.



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